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Pricing & Plans


Laundry 20lbs and under will have a fixed price of $29.99

+ service fee of $10

Laundry above 20lbs  will be $1.80 per pound

+ service fee of $10

Duvet covers, Blankets and Big Comforters will have a fixed weight of 12 lbs per blanket or cover; because of the special requirements to wash such delicate pieces of cloth. 


Choose your pricing plan

  • Standard Monthly

    Every month
    Perfect for students, couples and bachelors
    • 5 standard woshs a month !
    • 1 free personalized wosh bag !
    • Free pick up and delivery !
    • Save each wosh !
  • Ultimate Package

    Every month
    Perfect for Families, Organizations and Small Business'
    • 5 XL woshs per month !
    • 1 Free personalized XL wosh bag !
    • Free pick up and delivery !
    • save each wosh !
Toronto Laundry Delivery Service

Standard wosh bag

Laundry Delivery Service

XL wosh bag

Here at Wosh Laundry, we charge by volume, not weight. when you buy our memberships

one of our trusted wosh representatives will show up at your requested location and pick up your wosh laundry bag. All laundry is returned washed & folded within 48 hrs.


All methods of payment are accepted. Optional payment upon arrival / onsite payment.

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